Fiction From “Fact”(?)

Happy Sunday everyone! This week has been a rather busy one for me. I decided that it was time to clean out and re-vamp my bedroom, and I am so glad that I did. Right now I’m typing this in the lounge room of a house that I’m looking after, kinda wishing I could be sitting at my desk instead. I’ve never wanted to write anything at my desk so badly before, so I guess that means I’ve done a good job with my room. 

I’ve also (finally) discovered podcasts. I know, I’m a little late on this one. But it means that I can research books while doing other things (like clearing out my room, or driving to work.)

But wait, I’m a fiction author. You may be wondering how much research I actually do for that. Well, actually a fair bit. You see, I like to learn all of the ‘facts’. (You know, as much as myths, legends and general folklore are factual.) Then, I give myself free reign to mess with the facts and create my own version. For example, the witches in What Lay in the Dark are based on modern neo-paganism. (Michael actually is Wiccan.) Reiki (also practiced by Michael) is a real healing practice. You could probably find a Reiki healer near you, if you desired. I don’t know if they would be able to heal any life-threatening injuries, but many people swear by the effectiveness of this healing. I’ve never tried it, so can’t really comment.

This week I intend to do a bit of audio research, and a bit of world building and creation. I need to get some of my own legends written for the planning archive. Each world I create has its own history, myths and legends, and it’s pretty important for me to know exactly what they are. 

Well, I’m heading off to write a legend or two. And perhaps learn a couple. Have a great week everyone!

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