I’m (cough, sneeze) fine!

Oh, it has been a fun week. After all that, I managed to wake up Monday morning and BOOM! Headache, sore throat, runny nose, back aches. Yes, the evil being known as the common cold had come to visit. And it was a nasty one, too! I went from clearing out my room and constant planning and working to daytime naps, early nights and eating as many vegetables as possible. Thankfully, my symptoms are dying down. I can now get back to doing stuff!

Like finding a different way to plan my novels. You see, usually I have a notebook dedicated to all sorts of plans. One notebook for each story. Which is great, because I love notebooks and any excuse to buy more is fantastic. But I house sit a lot. Which means that all my stuff must travel around with me. And carrying 3+ large notebooks is a little annoying. So, I’m testing out a second, more electronic version of my planning. I bring my computer with me anyway, so it’s easier to be planning on that when I’m away from home. 

After a quick search, I discovered a program called Bibisco. So far, it seems like a pretty good program. It’s free and seems to be effective. I’ve started on character profiles. So far, I’ve sat down for an hour this morning. I’m nowhere near done with my first character. There are so many questions it wants me to answer. I mean, I know a lot about my characters. Most questions I don’t even think about, but there are some, such as ‘what is his/her behind like’ that I’d never thought to think about. Really. Because I spend so much time thinking about my characters butts. (Yes, that was sarcasm, for those of you wondering.) Still, I’m glad there are some questions that will get me thinking. It’s great if it can get me thinking about some things that aren’t in my notebook. Just, maybe not my characters behinds.

So this week I intend to dive into planning, preferably without getting sick. My hope is that if I can get enough planning done before school holidays, I’ll be able to do plenty of writing when I’m off work. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and a stop a miniature bulldog from eating her Mum’s things. (Don’t worry, I was warned this might happen.)

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