A Day in the Life (Part 1)

Of course, I love writing. It’s an important part of my life. But at the moment, it is not my priority. During the school term, I am firstly a music teacher. So what does my life look like?

Well, it’s wake up, get ready for work, and then I’m off to work to teach my youngest students. Pre-schoolers have their classes in the mornings. Afterwards, there’s some administration to do, but afterwards I head back home. This is when I get most of my writing time in. (Or, at the moment, planning). Then I have to turn around and go back to work.

Hello school-aged children. After the school aged kids, we get the teenagers, and then the adults. So in any given day, I’ll teach every age group from babies to adults. And get some book planning done in the middle.

After work there may well be some more writing happening, depending on what time I get home. There could also be me going to sleep.

So as you could imagine, it’s a pretty packed out day. Next week, however, school will be finished for the year, and I will be free to be a writer first. That’s when my day will change dramatically. (Until we go back to school for the next year, and my day in the life looks pretty much like this.)

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