A Day in the Life (Part 2)

I love Christmas holidays. So far today I have slept in, planned a mini holiday, read a bit, and avoided sitting at my desk chair after my brother shot me with a water pistol. Now I am sitting at said desk chair (I’m dry now) surrounded by the many beautiful presents my students have given me and writing this blog.

Holidays are a different time for me. Without the structure of having to do this or that, I’m free to focus on other pursuits. Writing, for example, which is what I will be doing after I finish writing this blog post. Still, there is a general bunch of things that I try to get done each day in the holidays, so I suppose that I still have a kind of routine.

On any day, I wish to do some;

  • Piano practice
  • Singing practice
  • Organising things for the next work year
  • Planning books
  • Writing books
  • General relaxing
  • Exercise

The beautiful thing about holidays is that the order I do these things in doesn’t matter. (Which generally makes me much more productive, for some reason.) And even better, tomorrow, when my brother goes to work, my chances at being drenched with a water pistol decrease quite dramatically. Which means I can spend more time writing in my comfy desk chair. I have a comfy desk chair now.

Well, I’d better keep my promise and get to some planning. I will be back next week in the final days before Christmas!

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