My Favourite Things

Okay, when I hear the phrase ‘my favourite things’, my head tends to start singing something about warm woollen mittens and schnitzel with noodles. (Is that how it goes? I can never remember).

But in this case I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite writing things. You know, those things I’d just never write a book without. So, welcome to a tour of my desk!

First thing’s first; my computer! Of course, I need something to actually write on. I recently installed the trial version of Scrivener, a word processing software that seems to be recommended by authors everywhere. I can kind of see why. I can actually store everything in one processor without having to have hundreds of different documents open. (And, if you look closely, you might notice that I’ve actually been writing!)

Next stop, my notebooks. I have one for each story which is currently in planning. (I may have a soft spot for notebooks. Actually, stationary in general.)

Thirdly, I need something to write in the notebooks with. That’s where my decent pens come in. No, not just $2 pens from K-Mart. These ones are the real thing. Although, I seem to have lost all but 2…

Then we have my iPad. Very important for plotting and destroying potential problems. This one is a free app called ‘mindly’ which basically just creates mind maps. And it can handle really really big ones.

Then we have what I affectionately refer to as my ‘research centre’. In reality it’s a bunch of books on the weird and wonderful world of the supernatural and mythology.

And finally, we have the one thing that helps me keep track of what I’m doing on any given day or time – my trusty Bullet Journal. Which is actually just another notebook with a different set up.

So that’s it, a list of my favourite things. Now I’m off to google ‘schnitzel with noodles’, because I’ve always wondered if people really eat those two things together…

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