All These Scenes in my Head

I’ve been doing a lot of planning lately. We know this. But every now and again, this weird thing happens. Basically, random scenes start playing in my head. Kind of like a really low quality movie. I believe most people call it daydreaming.

Now, from what I can gather, most girls daydream about really good looking men (or women, or both). Me, however? Well, this thing starts happening where I daydream up a bunch of characters fighting evil, or something similar. It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes I go through a phase where it doesn’t stop happening.

Quite often, people notice too. I’ll be out having a coffee (actually, hot chocolate – I hate coffee) with friends and I’ll suddenly zone out completely. I must look really upset or something when I do it, because everyone seems to ask if I’m okay. (Yes, I’m fine, just watching this fictional character fight off a demonic army. It’s all good.)

And when this does happen, I try my best to write it all down as soon as I can. Otherwise I might forget. So this week I’ve been writing a bunch of random scenes that have been entering my head at the least opportune moments. Which is fantastic – except that the scenes weren’t from the project I’m meant to be working on. That’s just typical, isn’t it?

Still, they are written down, and there don’t seem to be many more hanging around in my brain, so I call that progress. That means I just have to go back to writing what I’m meant to be writing in the first place. Although I must say I enjoy my little episodes going on in my head. (Does that make me crazy? It sounds kind of crazy.)

That brought me to another problem that I have, though. You see, I had two half-written books on my last computer. (100% from these random scenes in my head.) I was very smart about this, and backed them up to an online cloud in case something happened to my computer.

Then came a huge storm, and long story short, my computer got water damaged. Apple quoted $999 (minimum, not the final amount) to fix it, with no guarantee that they could save my files. I figured all good, upgraded my computer instead, and went to the cloud to download my old work.

And then realised that the cloud I had chosen was very secure. Extremely secure. So much so, that when I forgot the password, there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it. Either remember the password, or bye bye books.

After about 3 months of attempting unsuccessfully to hack what must have been a very strong password, I got an email from the company. This email stated that if I didn’t log in within the next month, my account would be deleted.

So now I have lost my backups, and my originals. And I have gone through my entire external hard drive and found nothing. This is not helpful. However, there is one last glimmer of hope. It is possible that I may be able to turn the hard drive from my old computer into an external hard drive. I don’t know, but it’s the last hope I have (apart from paying someone to fix my computer and hoping for the best. But apparently that’s going to be expensive.) So, look out for an update on this quest in the future. If I succeed, two books will be coming a lot quicker than I originally thought… (Especially if all these scenes keep coming unannounced into my head.)

Wow, I think I got a bit sidetracked there. There was a point to this blog though, and here it is; no matter how much planning I do, my head often has different ideas. That’s when we just embrace the creativity and see where it takes us. Which is what I plan to do right now.

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