When Life Gives You Lemons (Part II)

When Life Gives You Lemons....png

First, an announcement. I have changedmy blogging schedule to once every fortnight. This is to give me more time to think about and prepare the blog, and hopefully produce better blog content in the future. So keep an eye out for some different content next month.

Now, on to our topic of the day. I wrote a while back about how life seems to be stabbing me in the back lately. Well, that hasn’treally stopped yet. You know how one thing goes wrong and then everything else just seems to snowball? Yeah. That happened.

In terms of fixing my car, well I did get it fixed! Twice! I’m still not driving it. So I took it to the mechanic and got it fixed – yay! So I drive it around for a couple of days, and then the dash starts lighting up like a Christmas tree. Something about an engine problem.  So my good ol’ brother (who is an apprentice mechanic) read some codes, replaced the part that he thought was causing the problemand… it still has an engine problem. Guess what? Same problem. So it’s once again a waiting game until we can get the mechanic’s opinion on the matter. But at least I have an income this time.

Which leads me to the editing and proofreading course I was doing at that time, which is somehow still going. I’ve finished and checked all but two assignments, which are still giving me a little bit of grief. But I have a solid goal to get that course finished by Easter, and it really should be done. It’s only two assignments left, and then I can get back to writing and editing my own stuff.

Speaking of editing my stuff, remember that scene I was stuck on a couple of weeks ago? It’s still stuck. But fear not! Yesterday my good friend Savannah and I (Hi Savannah!) went to a creative writing course dedicated towriting scenes. And I may have my saving grace – we talked about troubleshooting scenes which are just not working. And since that course, I have three orfour ideas of what could be going wrong, so I’m looking forward to going at it with fresh eyes and seeing if I can get this scene fixed.

I’m also going to spend some times going back to my all time favourite novel scenes and seeing if I can work out what makes them stick in my mind so much. Got a particular favourite scene? Let me know in the comments section so I can check it out!

Next week, of course, will be Easter, which is usually a time I can go away with my family, hide a bunch of Easter eggs over the entire property, and then I actually do tend to get a bit of writing done. I think it’s something about the relaxing environment and the lack of internet. I actually wrote the majority of the manuscript on a weekend trip once. Granted, I re-read the manuscript and decided that the whole thing needed to be re-written to fix a bunch of plot holes and mixed opportunities, but I did write the thing. So I look forward to reporting some success after this week, both in the writing and editing worlds.

I hope that all of you have a fantastic Easter, if you celebrate, or a fantastic weekend if you don’t, and I will be back with my next blog post in two weeks time.

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