Time Out

Okay, so I’ve been playing around with this whole ‘productivity’ thing for a while now. Planning my days, setting goals for each week, sticking to routines…

But here’s the thing. You can overdo it. And I’m certainly guilty of that. Part of it is just finding the right productivity routine for me – every person is different, after all, so I can’t jump on someone else’s routine and expect it to work. It’s going to take some Trial and error. And do you know what I’ve discovered? Sometimes I need a break, too.

I know, it’s shocking. A revelation. (Yes, that last bit was sarcasm. Seriously, we need a dedicated sarcasm font or something for the internet.) I got so in depth with needing to produce so much stuff everyday that I forgot sometimes slowing down is important. In fact, it can add to productivity.

It’s not all about writing stuff. Sometimes learning is productive – and I have no time for that if every hour is dedicated to writing or working. And you know how sometimes you have so much to do that you just get burnt out or overwhelmed? I’m pretty sure that neither of those things are good for productivity.

I once had a counsellor tell me that humans were like batteries. We could work for so long, but eventually we need recharging. That’s what things like having fun, hobbies and hanging out with friends are for. It’s important not to feel bad for taking time out every now and again, because if we use this time to recharge, than our productivity will be boosted later.

So, that’s what I’m doing today – basically nothing. I’ll admit, that’s mostly because of the cold that’s been flying around my workplace. I actually held it off for a month or so, but eventually when half the people you work with are sick, you’re bound to get it. So now it’s me with a bunch of tissues, a mug of hot lemon & honey water and a living hot water bottle in the form of my dog.

There’s two advantages to this. I actually get to rest for an entire day. I mean, I did a load of washing and took the dog for a walk, and I’m writing this blog post, but relatively? Not doing a whole lot today. Hopefully this will result in one; my body healing much quicker and two; a relaxed mind ready to take on a lot more work this next week. But, well, who can say? One can only hope.

But now, I’m going to get back to the resting thing. Bye for now!

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