“We Are the Muses”

It’s happened. The time has finally come. I have officially run out of things to blog about. I’m out of ideas!

Well, I’m going to hope that I come up with a few more ideas later, but you know.

That got me thinking about a discussion I’ve had with people about where ideas come from. My ideas usually come from dreams or ridiculous questions that no one really wants the answer to. Some people, however blame the ‘creativity genie’ or the muses. (You know the ones, from Greek mythology. They make an appearance in Disney’s Hercules as well, and those girls can SING.)

Back on topic, the idea here is that the muses give you ideas when you’re ready for them, and if they haven’t given you ideas it’s not your fault, but the muses. I kind of like this, just because it takes some pressure off those of us who try to be creative all the time.

My muses are working overtime at the moment. However, they’re working overtime on what I would usually consider the wrong ideas. I have been more creative in the last month than I have in a long time, and yet I can’t use anything I’ve created because of reasons. (Sometimes it’s because I know the writing isn’t great, but I do it anyway for fun. Other times it’s more for copyright reasons, like someone already did that, and so on…) So the question that leaves me with is; is that really such a bad thing?

And I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided that no, it’s not all that bad. I still get to practice writing, even if it’s not going to be published, and I use it as an opportunity to practice the things I’m not so great at. (Dialogue, I’m looking at you.) I have complete faith that if I ride this out and work on what my muse is telling me to, we’ll return to the stuff I’m meant to be working on eventually, but with more practice at the writing part. Maybe it will lead me to a place of more writing less planning. (I plan too much, I think.) And who knows, maybe the muses will give me something different to blog about in the future.

So if I’ve gone quiet recently, it’s not because I’ve stopped creating. If anything, I’m more creative than ever right now, just not in the way I’m really supposed to be. But I’m not complaining – I’ve been doing a lot of study and work lately, so it’s nice to know that I can create something for the sheer enjoyment of it, regardless of whether someone else gets to read it or not.

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