What Lay in the Dark

IMG_0009I’ve seen things you would never believe. I know things that most people would never consider. I’ve experienced things that your worst nightmares don’t even come close to. And that is something that you never want to get involved in.”

Ailia has been missing out on a lot of things in life. She’s never experienced those little things – happiness,
friendship, love.

In the need of a new beginning, she moves to Scotland. The plan was to find those things. Get a good job, make some friends and hopefully meet a man who would love her. She never expected to meet someone like Egan.

Egan’s different. He’s mysterious, secretive and doesn’t trust anyone. He doesn’t want Ailia anywhere near him. It’s too dangerous.
But when a dark creature becomes obsessed with Ailia, she is forced to walk the line between life and death, and Egan may be the only person who can save her.

In a world where danger is real, love and friendship are the most valuable things a person can have. The question is: who can you trust?

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A Whisper in the Night

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“It was promised a life. It will have one.”

When Ailia moved to Scotland, she expected a life of peace. Instead, she became targeted by a demon and was thrown into a dangerous world where no-one is the person they seem to be.

Egan, the man Ailia loves, will do anything he can to protect her and banish the demon once and for all.

The battle for Ailia’s freedom has begun, but no-one knows just how much it will take to defeat the demon. All they know is that their time is running out.

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